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Find Your Why

Do you find yourself devouring wellness headlines and trying out the latest in nutrition or workout trends only to find yourself back where you started after a few weeks? If so, you're not alone. The problem is not that you lack the knowledge or willpower to change, it could just be a lack of motivation.

Our values change the way we perceive the world and the actions that we take. Someone who values honesty is less likely to lie, without even thinking about it. In the same way, people who frame desired habits in terms of their own values and interests are more likely to stick with their goals than those who feel the changes are being foisted upon them.

You cannot pursue your values if you don't know what they are. Take the first step towards aligning your wellness habits with your interests by:

2. Completing this sentence: "I will_[behavior]_ so that I am _[value]_."

Now, the next time you want to change a behavior, rather than Googling the topic or downloading a new app, why not start by clarifying why this behavior is important to you and how it links to your innermost desires. Building this intrinsic motivation means that on the days you're too tired or busy to make good decisions, there's something inside of you still saying "I can do it."

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