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Why wellness coaching?
What is wellness coaching?

If you are ready to make a change but do not know where to start, or feel overwhelmed by all of the headlines and chatter on what is (or is not) good for you, then wellness coaching is a great way to zero in on your needs, set smart goals, and develop a plan to achieve them, all curated to your unique situation. 


Wellness coaching is an evidence-based discipline in which coaches help clients achieve their wellness goals through mindset and behavior change.  These lifestyle changes are facilitated by identifying each client's unique vision of wellness, building on each client's strengths and potential challenges, and developing the motivation to take the next steps.  Unlike other disciplines (e.g., medical, psychotherapy, personal training), there are no prescribed rules to follow in wellness coaching; the goals and means to achieve them are individually developed with each client through collaborative discussion.  You are the expert on you, wellness coaching helps harness that expertise to development meaningful and realistic steps to a healthier and happier you.


Wellness coaching is appropriate for all aspects of physical, mental, emotional and social well-being.  Common topics of coaching include physical activity, nutrition, resiliency and stress-management, and chronic disease prevention/management.  If you desire long-lasting changes to improve your health, wellness coaching can help create clarity, structure, confidence, motivation, and accountability to achieve your vision of wellness.

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My approach to wellness coaching:

I understand that wellness looks different for each individual, and every person has unique strengths and challenges that impact his/her journey to better health.  During our sessions, I will work with you to understand your vision of health and your personal values and strengths that will propel you to success.  I have no pre-set agendas or mandatory next steps; together, against a backdrop of proven science and national guidelines, we will devise short-term and long-term goals, and a plan to accomplish them, that feel relevant and attainable for you.  Throughout your journey I will be there to celebrate your successes, help you learn from obstacles faced, brainstorm solutions, and strengthen your resolve.  Interested?  Read on about what to expect.

Scope of practice:

Weight Management

  • Improve nutrition

  • Practice intuitive eating

  • Exercise regimen

Physical Activity

  • Non-exercise movement

  • Improved fitness skills and mobility

  • Stretching practice

Resiliency & Stress-Management

  • Stress response

  • Mindfulness

  • Time-management and productivity 

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Sleep Hygeine

  • Sleeping pattern

  • Pre-bedtime routines

Eating Disorder Recovery

  • Healthy relationship with food and exercise

  • Intuitive eating

  • Body image and body positivity

  • Continued support following treatment

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