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Athletic Conditioning: A high intensity workout featuring equipment and body weight exercises to increase aerobic capacity and afterburn (aka the calories burned after a workout).

Elevate: An incline-based treadmill workout that improves cardio fitness by powering up hills and recovering on the flats.  A great low impact, high intensity workout.

MetCon3: An interval workout that taxes all three energy systems to boost metabolism and burn fat.

PureMUSCLE: A heavy weight workout designed to tone and strengthen major muscle groups through supersets, bilateral and unilateral movements, and repetition of exercises.

Ropes & Rowers:  A station-based workout featuring battle ropes and the WaterRower to improve strength and endurance.


       5:10PM Ropes & Rowers @ Equinox Gramercy

       6:30PM MetCon3 @ Equinox Bond St.


       6:15AM Ropes & Rowers @ Equinox E. 74th St.


       6:30AM MetCon3 @ Equinox Orchard St.

       7:30AM Athletic Conditioning @ Equinox Orchard St.

       9:00AM Elevate @ E by Equinox E Madison


        6:30AM Athletic Conditioning @ Equinox E. 61st St.

        5:45PM Ropes & Rowers @ Equinox Park Ave.


       6:30AM Whipped @ Equinox E. 74th St.

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