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Live Stream Classes on Zoom

Just because we're sheltering doesn't mean we have to be sitting. Join me on Zoom for energy-packed workouts that will help you build muscle, balance, focus and endurance. 




  • HIIT workout in which the work periods get longer but the recovery periods stay the same

  • Equipment: Just a mat




  • Low impact, high intensity workout to improve muscular and cardiovascular endurance

  • Equipment: Medium dumbbells/laundry detergent and a mat

Semi-Private Classes on Zoom

Working out with friends, family or even colleagues is a great way to boost physical fitness, mood, mental acuity, social connection and ultimately happiness! (It's true) Now, more than ever, it's important to find new ways to stay in touch. Semi-private classes on Zoom offer a more intimate setting, flexibility in scheduling, and tailored programming. Contact me for information and scheduling your virtual private group workout.


Check out my upcoming classes here.

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