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Whatever your fitness level or workout style, I would 200% recommend Andrea as your introduction to HIIT. During our recent session, Andrea quickly assessed my preferences and ability, tailoring the workout to make me feel completely comfortable with my first ever experience of HIIT. As she clearly explained, HIIT is about raising your personal level, not meeting some unrealistic expectation or anyone else's goals. 


Because she was so encouraging and fun - from her tone when talking to her music - Andrea made me want to come back for another class. I even got motivated to try a few of the exercises in my own time. I never felt intimidated by Andrea's instruction and the way she put it, I can easily add HIIT to what I already enjoy doing at the gym. 


Andrea gets my vote every time! 

Anna B.

Andrea started me on my Journey! HIIT is one of my favorite workouts, especially with her.

She's doesn't make it easy and I love that! Her classes are always different and pushes you to your limit in a good way.

You have to get in on the goodness you won't regret it.

Kristina R.

I've been taking Andrea's classes for a few months and she has moves that I take with me to show friends like star jumps to planks with many props like her Spyder360s.  Her classes are always fun and her laugh makes the best people come to sweat.  It is fun getting #FitbyHIIT.  I feel so much healthier after each class.

Peggy Y.

​Yesterday I went hard during [Andrea's] HIIT class [at Body Space Fitness.] It was challenging, I struggled, but pushed myself through every set and felt pretty incredible afterwards.

Mary Lou B.

Andrea’s Fit By HIIT class is one of my faves! I love the interval circuit layout of the class, it’s an effective way to challenge the body but still fun with plenty of exercise diversity.  Andrea is sure to include a good warm up and a core stability cool down as well, which is awesome. She’s also very attentive to everyone’s form and her energy is infectious! Definitely recommend trying her classes. 

Haley J.

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